This week, Jesse reviews 'The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies' starring Martin Freeman and Ian McKellen!  
Movie News: Cyber terrorists have halted the release of 'The Interview' starring James Franco and Seth Rogan.  Jesse fills you in on his thoughts, as well as, Americans not getting attacked as much as a corporation got hacked.
The last 15 minutes is a rant on my local comedy scene, where I got called a Cyber bully, my hatred for an open mic host, and how (with help) got a joke thieving hack "comedian" banned from two bookers.
All sorts of fun!  Listen Here!

Here's the video from my set from Philly's Phunniest Competition at Helium Comedy Club on June 22, 2014.  I originally posted this on KeimTV YouTube channel, but when it got did the video.  So have a view and a laugh, throw me a thumbs up and a Subscribe!  Watch!

My submission to the Film Riot Monday Challenge: Alfred Hitchcock!  

In this short video, the character is afraid for his life after he realizes, thanks to a news anchor, that he had forgotten to get candy for Trick or Treaters on Halloween. Trick or treaters have a 6th sense about them and know when someone doesn't have candy, that they could possibly turn into monstrous killers! Watch Here!