This week Jesse reviews 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'!  The first critically acclaimed blockbuster of the Summer!  Along with the review the 'Movie Plot Hole' segment is back with 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes'!  Jesse almost had another theater experience that made him question life, a new video is up on the YouTube channel so check out 'GoPro Porno' on 

This week I Interview Comedian/Promoter/DJ Jonny "TruLove" Rizzo and we chat about him starting in comedy, putting on shows and the grind of it all, and his take on DJ's then and now!

The idea is to fill Facebook with music; breaking the monotony of selfies and sensationalism. If you like this post you will be assigned a letter that coincides with a band, musician or artist that you will post on your timeline with this text. Anyone can play.

So I was given the letter "J" by my good friend Jim Patterson.  I enjoyed his post about his letter "W" and how he picked Weird Al Yankovic as someone whom he was entertained and inspired by.

So when he gave me the letter "J", the artist that immediately struck my brain, like a lightning bolt of thought, was John Lennon.

Here's a clip from a recent show at the 1760 Bar & Grille, where I talk a bit about a new camera the wife bought me. If you likes, please give a thumbs up!