This week, Jesse reviews 'Dumb and Dumber 2' starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels!  He expresses his hate towards 'Foxcatcher', 'The Intimidation Game', and 'Birdman' and lays out a new rule for Oscar worthy films.  Listen Here!

Here's the video from my set from Philly's Phunniest Competition at Helium Comedy Club on June 22, 2014.  I originally posted this on KeimTV YouTube channel, but when it got did the video.  So have a view and a laugh, throw me a thumbs up and a Subscribe!  Watch!

My submission to the Film Riot Monday Challenge: Alfred Hitchcock!  

In this short video, the character is afraid for his life after he realizes, thanks to a news anchor, that he had forgotten to get candy for Trick or Treaters on Halloween. Trick or treaters have a 6th sense about them and know when someone doesn't have candy, that they could possibly turn into monstrous killers! Watch Here!